Wednesday, August 2, 2023

What's Expedition Dulcimer?

Welcome, everyone!

I am thrilled to introduce Expedition Dulcimer, a concept that I've been curating over the past several years that intertwines music study and travel.

The Key West Dulcimer Fest in 2010 was my first effort in creating a fun, educational experience that combined elements of local culture and eco-tourism.  As a co-founder of the Florida Gulf Coast Dulcimer Retreat, and Castaway Music Cruise, I have had the pleasure of contributing to smaller, more intimate events in stunning locations that foster an immersive environment for teaching and learning. Over the years, I've been inspired by our guests' discoveries, both in the workshops, and during their sightseeing adventures. This is the inspiration behind Expedition Dulcimer.

What to Expect on Expedition

Each Expedition will be hosted in a different location. During four days of immersive learning, each group of intermediate and advanced students (limited to 15 per retreat) will enjoy workshops, meals, and accommodations at breathtaking estates, inns, and residences across the United States. Beautiful, serene settings for focused learning and ample meditative downtime to reflect, practice, or simply relax.

The curriculum is rooted in my 17 years of teaching experience and encompasses skill-defining exercises, repertoire-building, and improvisational study.  Alongside these fundamentals, I also tie in purpose-driven approaches to setting goals, learning to self-assess, and addressing the challenges of self-directed study outside of the classroom.  I take a dynamic approach to each session, tailoring it based on student feedback to address areas that need attention, reinforcing strengths, and presenting new challenges along the journey.

While the core structure of study remains consistent for each retreat, the selected songs and styles draw inspiration from the lore and traditions of the surrounding region. Likewise, the meals we prepare and present are influenced by the rich culinary cultures of the locals. The schedule allows plenty of time to immerse ourselves in the dulcimer, take time for self-reflection, explore the sights, and even catch a rejuvenating nap!

I owe a great deal of gratitude to my wife, Jae, whose exceptional organizational and planning skills have been instrumental behind the scenes of our events. From venue selection to gift baskets and menu planning, she always strives to delight our participants. You'll be amazed to see what she has in store for this series!

I am eagerly looking forward to the joy and wonder that each new retreat will bring. Thank you for your interest, and I sincerely hope you'll join us for Expedition Dulcimer, "where learning is an adventure!"


Bing, Jae, & Roscoe

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