Monday, November 27, 2023

Curating the Menu: Part 3

Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you were able to enjoy the day with friends, family, and a feast of gratitude. Bing and I enjoyed a quiet, grateful day together. We took the opportunity to prepare some dishes that will be on the menu at Stone Mountain Manor.

First, homemade macaroni and cheese, a Southern tradition! I make a mean one if I may say so myself. Here's the final product:

Next, collard greens and ham. Oh my. I seriously outdid myself this time. These were perfection.

The next dish isn't technically a Southern dish, so not sure it will be on the menu, but it is a dish that Bing has made for me before and I love it – potatoes au gratin (Alton Brown's recipe). Bing did this one without my involvement and it was probably my favorite dish of the day. What do y'all think? Should we add it to the menu and pretend it's Southern? LOL

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